Recorder Notes

Recorder Notes

Welcome to the Recorder notes website !

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In this recorder web you will be able to learn all the notes of a recorder in order to play songs, such as My heart Will go on. Don’t forget to check the last song we have added in our recorder playlist, you will love it!

pirates of the caribbean theme recorder

Pirates of the Caribbean Recorder Notes

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how to play hedwig's theme on recorder

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Who wouldn’t want to be able to play that romantic song with the flute?

There are many types of recorders but we are going to focus on learning the recorder notes which is the most popular flute;

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Recorder Scales

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Soprano Recorder

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How to Play the Recorder

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Recorder Notes Songs

One of the main objectives of playing the recorder is to get to play songs, so in this section you will find a variety of songs, they will be ordered by levels and also you will find some special songs such as Christmas carols, pop songs, songs with only three notes for beginners.
Click on this link and take a look at the recorder songs, you’re sure to be able to play some.

Recorder Notes with Letters

In this website we have decided to explain all the recorder notes with letters, so you will find in any recorder picture or in any song the notes with letters.

We have decided to do it this way so that everyone is able to read the songs without having great musical knowledge.

That’s why anyone who wants to learn recorder is going to have all the recorder notes with letters available.


Now yes, it is also necessary to know how the letters work in the music, so we will prepare right now the recorder notes with letters and how it is written on the staff.

In the next point you will be able to study any note individually, you will find the recorder note with letter and the note written in the treble clef.

recorder music notes with letters

Do you understand this music notes for recorder with letters ? So now let’s play all the notes!

All Recorder Notes

You are going to be able How to play the recorder notes !

In it you will find all kinds of songs classified to make it easier to learn all of them.

There are several easy recorder songs and here you can learn it.

The recorder it is completely chromatic and it can play nearly three octaves of range.

The first thing we have to do when playing the notes on a recorder is to know how to hold it, how to blow, our posture, etc..

Therefore, visit our section on how to play the recorder to resolve these questions.

Well, without further ado we are going to study the notes of the recorder.

The recorder register ranges from the low DO to the high SI.

Here you have all the recorder notes with letters, click on any of them and learn to play it well !

Natural Notes

In this section you can learn each note separately. You should know that in music we call natural notes:
C – D – E – F – F – G – A – B
Click on the blue link of the natural note you want to learn with your recorder:

C on Recorder
D on Recorder
E on Recorder
F on Recorder
G on Recorder 
A on Recorder
B on Recorder

If you already know the Recorder notes you can try to make a full recorder scale.

In this picture we show you the scale of C major in recorder so that you can practice it and improve your skills to be able to play the recorder better and better.

PLAY NOW ! the soprano recorder scale in C major.

soprano recorder scale

Recorder Sharp Notes

In music theory we have the notes that are not natural, which we call altered. We have notes with the sharp alteration that raise a natural note half a tone.
Here you can learn the notes with sharps on the recorder, click on the blue link to access any sharp note:

C sharp on Recorder
D sharp on Recorder
F sharp on Recorder
G sharp on Recorder
A sharp on Recorder

Flat Notes on Recorder

We cannot forget also the altered notes that are flats. These notes are enharmonic of the sharp notes, this means that the same sound has two different names, for example.
The note C sharp is the same as D flat. Below you can learn the notes with flats on your recorder, click on the blue link to learn any flat note:

D flat on Recorder
B flat on Recorder

More Music Lessons

Do you want to learn to play the electric bass ?
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