This is a website dedicated to music and specifically to all kinds of music.
You will be able to see that you can study songs of classical music, and also of modern music, (with our section recorder songs)

For that reason we have wanted to open a new section that includes a great quantity of music, it is thought for all the musical styles, for all the epochs throughout the history of the music, in definitive for all type of musical tastes.

Here you can find a selection of songs from various artists sorted in relation to the title of the list, but first of all maybe you should know what a playlist is and where you can listen to them.

💥What is a Playlist?

A playlist is a list of songs, which has always been popularly known as a songbook or repertoire, but can also be referred to as a music catalog.

This term has specialized considerably in the fields of broadcasting as well as in the playback of music on computers and digital audio players.

The term began to be used in radio with the Top 10 and Top 40. Playlists were the songs that were to be played for being in that ranking.

With the development of personal computers, and the playback of music on portable devices, most players adopted this term in an attempt to organize and control the music on the PC. P

ractically any audio player today allows the creation of playlists. These give the possibility to listen to songs in order or randomly, with specific moods or with a variety of styles, seeking to adjust to the user’s preferences.

Many video hosting services also offer the possibility of creating playlists, as is the case of Youtube.
💥Here you can Listen and Follow 2 awesome instrumental Playlists:

⭐️Epic Choir Music Playlist👇🏻

Epic choral music is wonderfully enigmatic.
This playlist selects the best epic choral songs, do you know Carmina Burana?


Learn more here of Epic choir music

⭐️Epic Adventure Music Playlist👇🏻

The adventure music is a classic within the epic, so you can find in this playlist songs you’ve heard in adventure movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Game of Thrones and you will also find epic adventure songs from emerging artists.
Be sure to subscribe and follow this epic adventure playlist so you can know the best melodies that exist within the epic genre.


⭐️Epic Inspirational Music Playlist👇🏻

When we look for epic inspirational music we can be in one of the most magical moments of our life. In this playlis you will find songs to motivate you, relax you or even startle you. All of them have one thing in common and that is that they are within the epic instrumental genre.
You will hear great melodies with the string section of an entire orchestra and also great fusions, there will also be songs with a more muted energy so you can savor the inspiration of the moment.


💥Where can i create a playlist?

Nowadays you can create a playlist on any platform that hosts music. You simply have to choose your favorite site to listen to music and it will give you an option to create a playlist with the songs you like the most. In this playlists section we are going to focus on two main platforms to listen to music.

  1. Create a playlist on Youtube.
  2. Create a playlist on Spotify.

Why we only choose these two platforms, very simple, today they are the best platforms to listen to streaming music, they also have a universal catalog of music, with all the bands and artists. But let’s see now how you can create a playlist on these two platforms.

⭐️Create a playlist in Youtube

  1. Find a video that you want to include in your playlist.
  2. Under the video, click Save .
  3. Select the Watch Later list or one you have created. Click Create playlist to create the Add to playlist.
  4. Type the name of the new playlist if you choose to create one.
  5. Use the box to select the privacy settings for the list. If you set it to private, only you will be able to see it.
  6. Click Create.

⭐️Create a playlist in SPOTIFY

First of all, the first thing you have to do is to create the playlist or playlist in which you want to put your songs. To do this, you will have to click on the New Playlist button in the bottom left corner of the Spotify desktop application. When you do this, the playlist creation tab will open.

In this tab you can choose to give a new name to your playlist and enter, if you want, a description of no more than 300 words. You can also add a personalized cover with the choose image button. Once you have everything to your liking, simply click on the green Create button to confirm the creation of your playlist.

Once you have created your playlist, it is time to add songs. To do this, to the right of the title of all Spotify songs you will see a three dots icon and the legend More. The button is located where you see in the screenshot, and appears when you hover the mouse pointer over it. Click the More button or right-click on the song to open the drop-down menu with options for the song you clicked on.

In the drop-down menu that opens first choose the Add to playlist option. When you do so, a second list of actions with your folders and playlists will be displayed, and you just have to choose the playlist to which you want to add the song.

In addition to adding the song to a certain playlist, this menu will also give you the option New Playlist. If you choose it, you will create a new playlist with this song. The playlist will have the same name as the song, but if you then right-click on it you can edit it to rename it. If you don’t add a custom cover art, Spotify will create one for any of your playlists from the album art of the songs in it.

And that’s it, once you have done this, you just have to repeat the process with all the songs you want to add. By the way, when you enter your playlist, under your playlist you will see a section Recommended songs in which Spotify will recommend songs similar to the ones you have in your playlist.