Baby Shark Recorder Notes

Baby Shark Recorder Notes

You are looking for easy recorder songs. You just found right now one of the easiest songs you can play on your recorder by simply learning three notes.
I’m talking about Baby Shark on recorder.
Besides being a very well known song and that at the end of this post you will know all its history, it doesn’t serve as an exercise to start blowing the easiest notes we can get on our recorder.
I’m talking about only four notes that you can get right now, the notes of baby shark are:

G note
A note
B note
Note high C

In this sheet music for recorder you will find Baby shark recorder notes with letters. We specialize in making recorder diagrams with letters, but, don’t get impatient!.

To get these notes I am going to give you some tips.
They are very easy notes so just plug the holes of your recorder and blow softly, however even if you blow hard the note will still sound just as good.
The air will not be deflected as it usually happens in the lower register notes so this song is ideal for recorder beginners.
Now you will find a recorder sheet music tutorial on how to play baby Shark. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you also managed to play baby shark recorder bag.

How to play Baby Shark on the Recorder

The first thing I advise you to do is to listen to the song right now if you don’t know it yet.
Press play on the audio below and you will hear baby shark with recorder sound and fully in tune, this audio is ideal for you to have a reference of the tuning you should get with your recorder.
As you can hear it is a very simple and at the same time very rhythmic theme. We are going to work the semiquaver figure combined with eighth note figures but you will see how it will not be difficult to get these figures so fast.

👉🏻Baby shark audio for recorder👇🏻

Well, now it’s time for the moment of truth. As usual we have divided the song into two separate sections so that you can learn it correctly and easily. Let’s go with the first part of the Baby Shark recorder notes.

baby shark on recorder notes

As you can see, all the rhythmic work of the song has to be done blowing with the high C note. You will have to keep this note and make that rhythmic figure that gives a characteristic touch to the melody of Baby Shark.

One more thing, don’t skip the musical anacrusa we have at the beginning, they are two crotchet figures in which the lyrics of the song say the word ba-by. And now for the second part!.

baby shark on recorder

As you will see it is not difficult at all, as I told you at the beginning, this song is for you if you are a recorder beginner, can’t you play it almost?
Well despite its ease don’t forget to read the repeat marks because it is a very repetitive melody you will have to repeat the bars where you find the repeat bar marks.

Video and Lyrics of Baby Shark

“Baby Shark” probably originated in Early Childhood Education programs. Some sources cite traditional myths as the basis, others derive it from camps in the early 20th century, and others consider it possibly developed by camp counselors inspired by the movie Jaws.

It became a campfire song where each member of a shark family is introduced with different hand motions. Also several different versions of the song have the sharks hunting fish, eating a sailor, or killing people who then go to heaven.4

Several entities have submitted original videos and sound recordings of the song under copyright, and some have had their merchandise copyrighted based on their versions; however, according to The New York Times, the song and the characters associated with the song are believed to be in the public domain.

A dance version of “Baby Shark” was popularized online in a 2007 YouTube video called “Kleiner Hai” (German for Little Shark) and posted by Alexandra Müller, also known by her stage name, Alemuel.6 This version is set to the Jaws theme and tells the story of a baby shark that grows up and eats a swimmer.

The video gained popularity shortly thereafter8 and Alemuel was offered a recording contract by the EMI label.

The video gained popularity soon after8 and Alemuel was offered a recording contract by the EMI label9. The single peaked at number 25 in the German charts and number 21 in the Austrian charts. Based on the original video, the YouTube community created a popular music video, which is a typical example of crowdsourcing.

The German version of the song remains popular among German youth groups and multiple variations (also in different dialects of German) have been released since it first gained popularity in 2007.

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