Gently Sleep on Recorder

Gently Sleep on Recorder

This song is included in the yellow belt for recorder karate is called gently sleep and still uses only 3 musical notes.

B, A and G. So we don’t even need to learn any new notes for this song.

Do you renember Hot Cross Buns?

The rhythms are going to be different and the names of the lyrics are going to be in different orders than other previous easy recorder songs.

If you take a look at the first line of Gently Sleep recorder notes and the second line, they are exactly the same notes.

So we need to learn about just one line of the music and then we’re going to repeat it, we’re going to play the first line twice, it’s the same as playing the first line and the second line because they’re the same thing so in this video we’re just going to go over the first line because that’s really all we need to learn.

Pay attention to the rhythm and let’s see if we can keep the pulse by marking it with our foot.

Recorder notes to use in Gently Sleep

This is a very simple song that only uses three notes on your recorder.
Also these notes are very easy to get, because they are in the easy register of the soprano recorder.
Pay attention to the drawings of the recorder notes with their corresponding letters. As we said before the notes we are going to use for this song are three.

The letters for the song on the recorder gently sleep are:

G on a recorderhow to play A on a recorderB recorder

How to play Gently Sleep on the Recorder

Now look how to play gently sleep on the recorder step by step:

gently sleep recorder notes with letters

The second line is exactly the same.

The second step is to read the names of the notes with the letters and see if we can pronounce the names of the letters in rhythm.

If you need to pause this audio and sing it yourself, first, that’s fine, but if you think you’re ready to sing in rhythm with me, then get ready now!

Don’t forget to practice with the audio of the song.
You have a count of 4 beats to start playing with the audio. As you will see, since the three notes are very easy to play on your recorder, we have not played the audio too slowly.
You may find it hard at first to follow the score with the audio but you should try to do so.
If you manage to play along with the music you will be ready to play more difficult songs.
Don’t forget to check out more easy recorder songs with the notes B A G.

Recorder is not just a musical instrument, but a whole set of musical instruments of different sizes. In principle, if you can play one, you can play one.

Most of us are familiar with the soprano recorder, but it comes down to the Garklein recorder.
All the way up to the huge subwoofer, one of my favorites to play is the bass recorder, so it’s not too loud and squeaky. The range of sounds it can make is the second largest: you can play any kind of music on the recorder.

The instrument is very old, the earliest instrument recorded and discovered is actually 1940s.

Remember a few tips

If your recorder squeaks, it means that one of your fingers has an air leak.

It’s not about pressing harder on your fingers to count the instrument because that will only create tension instead.

Expluse the air always steady and flowing as we do this. Just make your fingers a little bit more flexible and try to cover all the holes in your recorder.

Now you can leave me a comment, what do you think about this song, has it been easy for you to learn it?
Don’t forget to check out more songs to expand your recorder repertoire.

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