Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

With these Happy Birthday recorder notes you can play this timely melody for your annual celebrations.

It is in the key of C major, which we have considered to be the easiest so you will only have to play one high note.

The high C on recorder

Note that you also have to play an altered note,


Practice this scale for this song:

C – D – E – F – G – A – Bb – C high

This is the best way how to play the recorder happy birthday easy for beginners.

How to play Happy Birthday on the Recorder

As you can see, the score is also made with the lyrics of the song, this is, recorder notes with letters!

Come on, let’s blow

how to play happy birthday on the recorder

Now pay attention, all happy birthday notes are marked with letters. You also have the recorder fingerings as well.
Don’t be nervous, it’s very easy.
As always we should try to blow softly, especially on the lowest notes.
If you want some advice, the jump from low C to high C is the hardest to control. Practice this jump of notes apart.

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  1. I know the b and the a and the g but what letters cover the rest of the holes? I am severely new to this and looking at the music sheets is not helping me if i do not understand it. How will i be able to teach my toddler?

  2. I already know how to play, but I love learning new songs that I haven’t already learned in music class. So thank you!

  3. Wow. Thanks. I decided to take up the recorder since that is the only musical instrument I have.

  4. Really great ! you site is the best site for music students. As a student this was soo much useful for me with playing the recoreder. this worths even than a physical school music class. thank you soo much to all who operate this site!

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