Mask Off on Recorder

Mask Off on Recorder

This time we bring you a somewhat unusual recorder song.
The song Future Mask is a single that has been very successful within the music industry.

Specifically within hip hop, so we have made an adaptation for the recorder.
In this song there is a flute melody playing all the time, so we have to adapt it to the soprano recorder. In fact, there should be a note at the end and we have not introduced it because our recorder has no more low notes left.

Still, you will be able to play the melody of this song perfectly. It’s not easy because you have to link notes in a row and until now we haven’t used this technique.
Note legato consists of playing notes without stopping blowing between them, so we will get a softer sound and a different articulation on our instrument.

how to play legato on the recorder
As you can see, the slur is marked on the curved score that joins one note at the beginning and another at the end.


How to play Mask Off on Recorder

mask off recorder

Listen the Song:



Future’s single Mask Off has been playing for some time since the release of the artist’s two albums earlier this year, but now it’s the turn of the song’s visual treatment, which takes us on a journey through a dystopian and apocalyptic landscape, but one in which at least we have Amber Rose as co-leader.

In the clip directed by Colin Tilley, Future tells the story of the streets being lit, showing shoplifting, explosions and residents preparing for battle. The Atlanta rapper can be seen from his luxury car, watching all the chaos unfold around him as Amber keeps him company and gives him a few strokes.

At the end of the video, Amber and Future face off in a brightly lit room, removing the masks that reveal their true identities, while DJ Esco makes a cameo as the riots continue and the war between civilians and authorities becomes increasingly violent.

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  1. Mask off adds curse words – it is not the kind of song for students to listen to or learn! Please delete the vulgar video!!!

  2. for me as a student, that has this video blocked on my computer i want to say a billion thanks to you guys! (can you please make more songs like this) (pls with a video that you can watch on your website) AND REMMEMBER, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!

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