We wish You a Merry Christmas

We wish You a Merry Christmas

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Hello, welcome back to another recorder tutorial. On this occasion we bring you another very simple Christmas song to play with the flute.
We wish you a merry Christmas!

This is an ideal Christmas carol for recorder beginners, the rhythm is very simple and so is the melody. It is also within the major scale, in this case, we will use the major scale of F.

The F major scale is composed of these notes:

F, G, A, B flat, C, D, E

You must pay special attention to the note B-flat, keep in mind that it is in the key signature.
Therefore, when you see the note “B” on the staff, you must play B-flat.

This time we wanted to incorporate some audios into this recorder lesson so you can practice with them.

In the first audio you will hear the song with the recorder melody included, so you will not miss it, as you will have the reference recorder melody at all times.

This flute carol has a musical bar of 3 by 4, so babies pay special attention to the accents of the rhythm. The 3 x 4 measure is widely used in carols, reminiscent of the Silent Night carol, it is also a 3/4.

The second audio is prepared for you to play the recorder melody on top, so you can practice we wish you a merry Christmas with a musical base, which will be more fun, and also force you to play in rhythm.

But well, let’s start playing we wish you a merry Christmas on your recorder.

We wish you a merry christmas notes for recorder 1

The origin of this carol can be found in English traditions, where the rich people of the community used to sing it and also gave Christmas sweets to the carol singers on this eve, such as Figgy puddings which were very similar to modern Christmas puddings.

It is also worth mentioning that it is one of the few traditional carols that makes direct mention of the New Year celebration.

we wish you a merry christmas for recorder

Reference audio

Here is the reference audio so you can listen to the melody we have written on the recorder, the time in or is very fast, it is set at 100 bpm.

We wish you a merry christmas notes for recorder 2

Next we go with the second part of the flute notes of we wish a merry Christmas.

At the end of this recorder score you will be able to practice the melody on top of it.
Come on, surprise your family with this carol on your recorder.

we wish you a merry christmas recorder notes

Practice audio

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