About Me

About Me

Hello everybody!

if you’re on this page it’s because you want to know who the hell is behind it.
You love to come back again and again to study some recorder song on this site, don’t you?

Well, this is when you’re really going to be surprised.

Let me tell you who I am:

My name is Ernesto Martin and I’m Spanish, I’m not American or English and even though this website is written in English I’m a bit bad with it, with the language I mean,

that’s why surely you have noticed something in the recorder lessons I have around here.

I take this opportunity to apologize for my shortcomings in the English language, I always use a translator. That’s my miserable secret.

Curiously, although I played the recorder as a child at school, I now play electric bass and guitar professionally.

I am a music teacher in a school, which I also direct, in Spain, in Madrid. You can see it here.

I am 49 years old. Too old?

Besides all this I am a successful youtuber and music educator in the Spanish speaking world.
I have more than a hundred thousand subscribers with my electric bass channel, you can check it out here.

Ernesto composing music at music studio


Of course, I have been composing music for television in Spain for many years, and that is why you will also be able to listen to some of my compositions if you read on.

I started this project, which people call it, app, site, place to learn recorder…. now I tell you more

The real History of this site

When the first of my two daughters was five years old one day she came home from school crying.

She had a music teacher who had started teaching them some songs on the recorder.

The truth is that my daughter wasn’t very good at getting the sound out at first and the teacher hadn’t helped her much either.

Being a music teacher myself, and seeing the harm that this teacher could cause my daughter and other classmates (perhaps a complete lack of motivation for the recorder and music in general)

I decided to calm my daughter down first, I started that afternoon to teach her to blow softly on the recorder and then I started to develop my first recorder lesson for her.

Curiously enough, you can study it here!

The song that the teacher had tried to teach them without any success was “Mary had a little Lamb“, so I decided to build for my daughter a recorder lesson for her.

So, i decided to build for my daughter the recorder song with letters, as you can study it on this website.

To do so, I made myself some recorder templates with the notes and taught them to her in this way.

After a few hours my daughter already knew the song and that’s how, because of a bad music teacher my daughter had, I started to make more recorder songs for her. When I already had four songs I decided to start making this website.

And until today! That’s it!

Behind a mistake of a lazy teacher there can be a great discovery, don’t you think?

Now my daughter is 15 years old, she loves music, plays the piano and sings very well and I am very proud of her and I am also very happy to know that children like her learned here.

I hope you liked the story of the birth of this website that is so successful.


I never thought I would be so successful with this website. What I can tell you is that I design each song with a lot of love and I try to make it a very comfortable way to study a recorder song.

I just hope that if you are a teacher in a school you can recommend me if you like my way of teaching recorder songs.

You can put a link from your page to mine so that everyone can benefit from my free lessons.

It is also an honor for me to receive all the thank you comments on this page, so don’t be shy.

I look forward to your comment or any suggestions.

As I told you at the beginning I really dedicate myself to other musical tasks along with my youtube channel in Spain but once a month I go through all the comments and from time to time I upload some new recorder song.

The future of this Recorder website?

The recorder is a very grateful musical instrument and also one of the simplest for its initiation, for this reason, it is usually chosen to teach music in schools.
Everyone should have access to music, music is part of our lives and we need it to live.
I think that without music there is no soul.

The flute is probably one of the oldest instruments in existence.
Already in prehistoric times there is evidence of flutes made from animal bones, man needed to create and sing melodies.
Now, my goal is that you learn as many melodies as possible on this website and that you go into the world of music, as it will be of great help in the future, for your development as a person. Also music can help us to channel our feelings.
I only wish that people find themselves in this site and have a good time playing and learning music.
Can this site be improved?

Surely yes, I am aware that this site could be much better but I also have the certainty that having more free time I could improve it.
Even so I encourage you to leave me a comment with any suggestion you can think of.

Requests are welcome but they must be supported by more than 10 people, if so I will make tutorials on requests.

One last thing, I apologize for the advertising that you can find on this site but it is the only way to finance the hosting and domain costs.

Some of my Musical Compositions 😊 Follow me!

Here you can listen to some of my musical compositions on my spotify artist channel, you can follow me if you like my music because I publish new music regularly.

Epic Mountain by Ernesto Martín López

When I composed Epic Mountain, I thought of high mountains and epic moments. Do you like this piece?, leave me a comment!

Epic Adventure by Ernesto Martín López

One of my favorite compositions is Epic adventure is short but very direct, the string section gives way to an epic melody. Do you like this piece?, leave me a comment!

Space Music by Ernesto Martín López

This song belongs to a more hybrid album that combines orchestral instruments with synthesizers. Leave me a comment if you like it!

One of my favorite Epic music playlist

👉🏻Now it is also possible to buy some of my music.


If you want to listen to my sung music don’t forget to check out my version of La Llorona’s song.

Finally you know the author of this web site that you usually visit. I love making didactic music websites, that’s why in my free time I work on these projects. Little by little I’m uploading more and more songs so you can play them with the recorder.
In this website you can start playing the recorder from scratch if you don’t know anything yet, visit the how to play section.

You will also find many songs to learn in the recorder songs section.

As I have already told you, I do this website in my spare time so I can’t dedicate as much time as I would like, you will find short lessons but at the same time very didactic to learn songs.

I’m open to any kind of suggestion, you can leave me a comment right here and you can also tell me if you like my music and what work you like the most.


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  1. As I am becoming more enlightened, I found my son’s recorder from school & though, “What a perfect breathing technique!” Thank you for the simplicity for an “old” lady!

  2. Hola thank you for the time and effort made with our website , people will discover your work more and more once they are music lovers on a quest to learn and grow just like me 🙂 I am so glad I came across this website. How it be improved just keep ding what your doing adding songs when you have the time more modern ones if possible for the young people to relate to, 2 thumbs up big smile your awesome!!!

  3. Your site helped me get into a talent show, thank you. I really app res hílate it. I you did not have this site I would not of gotten into the talent show. Thanks again.

  4. Hi there you really help me with the notes thank you so much you should tech children how to learn the notes in real life and you should be very proud of yourself for doing all of this😊👋 bye I will keep learning the notes 🎶 and again thank you for putting notes in this app👋😊✌️

  5. This is simply THE BEST Recorder website I have ever seen! Its simple, clean, very well organized. it has everything a student and teacher needs to quickly get around and learn recorder keys and tunes. Thank you very much for this great work!
    From Russia with Love,
    Sergio the Music teacher.

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