High D on Recorder

High D on Recorder

Now let’s play the high D on recorder ! it’s very easy just plug a hole.

Let’s remember that we also have to master the low D on recorder so, let’s go over it !

Well, to play the high D on recorder let’s just leave the middle finger of our left hand covering the second upper hole of our recorder.

That’s it ! that’s how easy it is, the only thing you have to do is to make sure that the recorder doesn’t move, for that we’ll leave our right hand thumb on the body of the instrument.

Notice in this picture how the D’ is made in recorder:

recorder high d

You see ? only one hole covered. Also pay attention to how the high D for recorder is written on the staff.

Place the note on the fourth line of the staff in the treble key.

Well, now as always, let’s work on the high notes with some easy recorder exercises.

Put well the position of the high D recorder and blow !

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