Recorder Notes Chart

Recorder Notes Chart

Hello and welcome, here you will be able to see through a Recorder notes chart quickly all the notes of the recorder.

This Recorder fingering chart is based on the soprano recorder.

We are going to study first the natural notes and then in another table we are going to present you the altered notes, that is to say, the sharp notes and flats notes.

Even so, you already know that the main section you can consult all the notes individually and in a more complete way with all the record of the soprano recorder.

It is also important that you review our page on how to play the flute if you still have doubts about how to blow or how to place your fingers.

Let’s hope you have clear fingering so you can easily move on to playing songs.

Let’s start right now with the first Recorder notes Chart, pay attention to all the natural notes on the recorder.

This Recorder Notes Chart is also ideal for Kids.

recorder notes chart kids

As you can see in this fingering chart you can clearly see each note with its fingering and all the fingers you have to put in.

In addition, it is ordered in the order of the major scale upwards so that you can play the C major scale correctly.

Each note is painted in a color so that you can distinguish it better and also has its corresponding letter because each note will always be named with a letter.

This will also help you to interpret our scores in our recorder songs.

If you doubt how to put each finger do not forget to consult our section of how to play the recorder.

Okay and now let’s see the following Recorder notes chart !

As you can see, on this time we have grouped the notes with sharps and the notes with flats in the same color.

The fingering will be the same for both, so you only have to learn five more fingering to have the chromatic scale in your recorder.

recorder fingering for altered notes

All of these recorder notes chart printable. Isn’t cool?

How to play recorder notes chart

These all are recorder notes chart with letters therefore it is very easy to know which note you are playing, just look at the letter below.

The note is written on the staff and above is the fingering on the flute.

When we are going to play an altered note we must know what name we are going to give it since it is the same to play C sharp as D flat.

If you have a more modern soprano recorder you will see that it has the smallest holes, which are precisely the ones we have to leave free if we want to get the notes altered.
Take a good look at the difference between C natural and C sharp.

You only have to lift your little finger to get a sharp do, you have to let the smallest hole free.

When you know how to play these two recorder tables you can start playing the chromatic scale on the recorder.

Next we leave you the last table so that you play all the notes of the chromatic scale we will be playing the notes to distance of semitone.

recorder chromatic finger chart

Look at the chromatic scale in the recorder !

As you can see here are the 12 notes of the chromatic scale.
If you get to be able to play these twelve notes you will be able to play most of the songs we have available on this website.
We just need to go over some high notes.
We hope that this lesson with the recorder notes charts has been of great help to you and with them you can start playing songs.