High E on Recorder

High E on Recorder

How do you play the High E on recorder ?

The high E on the recorder is not easy to obtain since we must use a technique not treated until now, this is, that the back hole must be covered only a little, approximately the half of its size.

Apart from that, we must cover the first 5 holes of our flute, we will leave free the two holes that are located below.

If we pay attention, the difference between the high E on recorder and the low E is only the partial opening of the back hole.

For that reason we can practice with these two notes perfectly first we play the low E and then the position of the high E.

We are going to observe the picture of the high e on recorder finger positions;

how to play high e on recorder

We also see where the High E is written on the stave, in the fourth space of the stave in the treble clef.

That said, we can practice the High E on recorder and the low E simply by modifying the opening of the back hole.

Now let’s play these exercises of high E on recorder.

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