Ode to Joy Recorder Notes

Ode to Joy Recorder Notes

It is a melody very easy to play with the recorder because it does not have jumps of notes. It is one melody per conjunct motion.

This melody was composed by the classical-romantic composer L.W.Beethoven and is within his ninth symphony. He was based on a poem by Friedrich Schiller

It really is a masterpiece in terms of composition, so the first thing we recommend is to listen to the entire symphony with all its movements.
The melody of the Ode to Joy appears in the 4th movement of the symphony.

Before we move on to playing the Ode to Joy on recorder we will hear this fragment within Beethoven’s symphony.
Pay attention to this video of Ode of Joy:

Ode to Joy Recorder Notes

To play this song well first it is advisable to learn all the recorder notes separately.

Here we leave you in the link to all the notes necessary to play the anthem of joy in the soprano recorder.

This is a very easy song because we are only going to need six musical notes.
Three of two notes are going to be high notes and the other three are BAG notes, which are the easiest to get on the recorder.

The note that can become a little more difficult is the low D, but by blowing gently we can make it sound perfect.

All Recorder notes for Ode to Joy:

How to play Ode to Joy on the Recorder

Well, let’s get started. Pay attention to this this sheet music of Ode to Joy for recorder.

As you will see, we have detailed it perfectly, with the letters and also the fingering for soprano recorder.

In this way, anyone with no musical knowledge can play Ode to Joy on the recorder.

The first is the note B

This note is very easy to get with the recorder.

This sheet music of Ode to Joy is ideal for children.

ode to joy recorder letter notes


As you can see we have divided this song into two sections.

Pay attention to second part of this notes of the Ode to Joy on Recorder.


ode to joy recorder sheet music with letters

Now you can see and even practice with this video of how to play ode to joy on recorder.

We have done the most complete tutorial to be able to play this song on the recorder.
Have you already learned to play ode to joy?

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