Despacito on Recorder

Despacito on Recorder

Here we have Despacito on the Recorder !

This is a song worth studying with the recorder for all it can bring us.

It is a modern recorder song ideal for young people.

This incredible success of the singer Luis Fonsi can be played slowly with the recorder, haha.
Despacito = Slowly

We have transported the chorus melody to adapt it to the simple tone of the flute, we are going to play it in C major, so you should know the C major scale notes.

Playing Despacito on recorder we are going to work on the figure of the semiquaver because this melody is composed of sixteenths.

The semiquaver is the fourth part of the quarter note and in several passages of this melody we must do 4 sixteenth notes together that occupy a time.

Therefore, Despacito recorder notes are going to force us to learn to play this type of rhythms, so, it comes great to familiarize us with fast rhythms.

This song reached number one in more than 30 or 40 countries and the video clip was recorded in Puerto Rico.

Now tell me, how come you don’t want to learn Despacito on the recorder?

Well, GO !

How to play Despacito on Recorder

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