Recorder Scales

Recorder Scales

In this section you will be able to learn the scales of the recorder.
Scales are necessary to develop technique on the recorder.

You should practice them slowly, trying to get a good sound, with quality.

Try to concentrate on making each note sound perfect, because it is not easy, since you have to control the projection of the air that comes out of your mouth.

The scales that we will study in this section are the basic recorder scales for beginners.

How many scales can be played on the recorder?

As with any musical instrument, all scales can be played on the recorder.

You simply have to consider the register of the instrument, but, because the recorder is a chromatic instrument, what produces the 12 sounds we have in our musical system.

With the recorder you can play any scale.

We will start with the beginner’s scale in C major, and work our way up.

All of us have in mind the sound of the major scale, so it will be easier for us to play these faces.

Also, in C major we do not have any altered musical note, so the initiation with this scale is perfect.

You have to get used to see the notes represented in the musical staff, so in these drawings of recorder are marked the flute fingerings, and below are also written the notes on the staff.

But come on, let’s start.

✅Recorder Scales for Beginners

We will play the C Major scale upwards and then we will play the C Major scale downwards.

Pay attention to the sound and do not run at the beginning, practicing these scales you will develop enough technique to play all the songs we have in this recorder web.

When you finish playing these two scales, you can leave us a comment below.

And don’t forget to ask us for any musical scale you want to learn with the recorder, we will do our best to upload it to this scale section.

Here we go!

C Major Recorder Scale – Ascending

How to play the ascending C Major scale on the recorder

If you have already managed to play the C Major scale ascending with your recorder, now is the time to play the same scale but in a descending manner.
Pay attention to how the notes are written on the musical staff, this will help you later on and to play recorder scores.
Remember to blow very slowly and softly.

C Major Recorder Scale – Descending

How to play the desending C Major scale on the recorder

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