C on Recorder

C on Recorder

Let’s learn to play the C note on recorder.

The lowest note we can play on the recorder is low C.

To do this we must cover all the holes in our recorder and blow softly and constantly.

It must be said that it is not one of the easiest notes to play, the do grave in recorder requires a mastery of air control more advanced, but, do not be discouraged with a little patience you will manage to play this note well.

As we have said we will place the two hands covering all the holes including the thumb hole that is located behind all the others.

How to play C on recorder

Look at this picture, the red dots indicate that you have to cover the holes, as you can see, all are covering to play this note.

c note on recorder

Very well, because when you have a low C on the recorder we also have a high C that you will also have to learn to play.

Take a good look at how the low C is written in flute on the staff, remember ! it is the lowest note of your recorder.

Here are some exercises for you to practice with the c note on the recorder.

You know, patience and remember to blow softly and always thinking about the sound produced by the C note.


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