G on Recorder

G on Recorder

To play the note G on recorder we must remove all the fingers of the right hand, stop, not all !

The thumb can be used as a support point and as a reference finger to cover the holes again.

So, all the holes that the right hand covers will be free and we leave the thumb resting on the same place.

Take a look at this illustration of G on a recorder  and remember that we also have a high G on recorder that we will study later.

how to play g on recorder

Do you understand this picture of G on recorder?

As you can see, we cover the three upper holes with the left hand and the back hole we also have to have it covered.

Notice also how this G note is written on the staff.

The note is located in the second line, is just the line that gives name to the Treble clef.

Now, we are going to play some very easy exercises to assure this note, it is necessary to blow softly and slowly to obtain a good flute sound.

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