A Sharp on Recorder

A Sharp on Recorder

The note A sharp is enharmonic of B flat, so, if you know one, you know both !

Pay attention to the steps to follow to get the note A sharp on the recorder.

As you can see, to get the A sharp on recorder we must cover the following holes:

  • With our left hand we will cover the corresponding holes of the index and ring fingers.
  • With our right hand we will cover with the middle and ring fingers.
  • The back hole of the recorder will also be covered.

Well, that’s how we get the A sharp note, on a soprano recorder, easy, isn’t it?

Here is the fingers chart:

how to play a sharp on recorder

Notice how this note is represented in the stave, in the second space and with a sharp.

In the Anglo-Saxon nomenclature, the note is called “A#”.

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