When the Saints go Marching in Recorder Notes

When the Saints go Marching in Recorder Notes

Welcome, once again we are going to play a song on the soprano recorder very easy, it is at the beginners level.
If you are a beginner you will love this lesson and the song you will be able to blow on your recorder. The song is called, when the saints go marching in.

You should rest assured that we have also included two audio tracks added to when the saints go marching in recorder notes with letters.

It is a very simple melody to play with hardly any significant changes of rhythm so you will find it very easy to play.

You must follow the notes with the lyrics in our recorder diagram as you are used to study in this recorder website.

This recorder song is in the key of G major, it is ideal to start with because it has notes that are easy to achieve on the recorder.

If you review the G major scale you may find it easier to play this melody, keep in mind that in the key of G major we have the note F sharp but in this melody it does not appear.

When the Saints go Marching in Recorder Notes with Letters 1

when the saints go marching in recorder notes with letters

Cómo puedes observar la primera parte de la melodía es muy sencilla y se repiten los dos primeros compases.

Una melodía ascendente marca el comienzo de la canción con las notas sol sí do Re.

Puedes escuchar el audio e intentar tocar a la vez con la referencia.
Tienes una cuenta de 4 para empezar ya que esta canción tiene un compás de 4×4. Don’t forget to leave your questions or any advice in the comments.

Is it going OK? Perfect!
Let’s continue with the second part of when the saints go marching in for recorder.
This time you also have a four-beat count to start with. Be careful with the notes and watch out for the twist in the melody. Go for it!

When the saints go marching in recorder notes with letters 2

when the saints go marching in on the recorder notes


What about the lyrics of the song?

The lyrics of this song are apocalyptic, based on the apocalypse, and do not include a reference to the final judgment; the scriptures mentioning the sun and moon refer to their respective solar eclipses; the horn (of the Archangel Gabriel) is a declaration judgment. This hymn expresses the desire to go to heaven and depicts the saints marching through the Pearl Gate, so it is considered appropriate for funerals. In the tradition of New Orleans, Louisiana, it was used as a funeral march, called a “jazz funeral,” and as a funeral song during the parade carrying the casket to the cemetery. Today, few people consider it as religious music, but as disrespectful pop songs related to “dixie”.

When The Saints Go Marching in by LOUIS ARMSTRONG ©

Now you can listen to one of the best versions of this song sung.
It is the version sung by trumpeter Louis Armstrong who was born in New Orleans.
It is important that you listen to this song and pay close attention to the rhythm as this version is in the dixieland style.
Many times you will have to play this song with a certain touch of swing interpretation.
So we recommend you to listen to this version of L Amstrong.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

You can continue playing it and learning more songs with us.
Click on the one you want and don’t forget to leave us a comment if you liked this recorder sheet music. See you next time!

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