F Sharp on Recorder

F Sharp on Recorder

When we are playing in the key of G major, the seventh grade of that scale is the note F sharp.

Therefore, we must keep in mind that we will be using this note frequently so it is best to learn it as soon as possible.

When we play in the key of D Major we must also know the notes, F sharp and C sharp.

A good option to practice this note is to try to play any song that is in the key of G Major or D Major.

How to play F sharp on recorder

To play F sharp with our recorder we must cover with our left hand all the holes including the back hole and with our right hand we will only cover holes 5 and 6.

You will get the F sharp, this note is the enharmonic of the note G flat.

Notice how it is also written on the stave, in the first space and with its corresponding sharpened sign.

f sharp on recorder

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