High C on the Recorder

High C on the Recorder

We already know how to play C low on the recorder well!
So now, let’s start with the high notes and concretely let’s learn the high C in recorder!

Then we can play two “C’s” on our recorder, one low and one more that is, its high octave.

In order to play the high C on a recorder we have to place only two fingers:

  • The thumb to cover the thumb hole, always of our left hand.
  • The middle finger of our left hand covers the second upper hole of the flute.

Easy no ? high notes like this are easy to get.

The high C on recorder is going to be very useful for playing many songs, so let’s see how it is written on the staff:

high c on the recorder

As you can see the high C we get it on the staff by placing the note in the third space of the treble clef.

Well, now we only have to practice this high C with some exercises for recorder, pay attention to these measures that we propose !

As always, we blow slowly and softly, come ..come for it !

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