A on recorder

A on recorder

Now, let’s learn to play the A note on the recorder.

To play the A note in our soprano recorder we must cover only three holes with our left hand, these are, the back hole and the holes of the index and middle fingers of our left hand.

Take a good look at the recorder finger chart below:

fingerings a note on recorder

As you can see, just by covering those three holes we have a low A on recorder and if we partially open the back hole we will get the High A on recorder.

Notice also how we write it in the stave, it is located in the second space.

This note is one of the easiest to get so, it is ideal if we are starting in this instrument.

Now we are going to practice the A note with these exercises that we propose you, as always, we will have to blow softly and slowly.

Patience and work !

Next we have to learn to play the B note in recorder.

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