Recorder Songs

Recorder Songs

Recorder Songs

Wellcome to this awesome page to learn how to play songs on the recorder

To play these soprano recorder songs you need to know the recorder notes.

As you can see, in the main section of this site you have a link to any note in case you have any doubts, even so, all the recorder songs that we show you here are made for easy study.

Don’t forget to check out our recorder fingering chart !

This section will be continuously updated with new songs so follow us on social networks if you want to be up to date.

But, how to play recorder songs ?, it’s very easy

we have developed some recorder sheet music so that the little ones can play the songs without difficulty.
Anyone who wants to start playing the recorder will have this page at their disposal, which will also be constantly growing.
We will be adding more recorder songs, but always with letters.
The idea of this website is that it is simple and comfortable to use and that everyone can learn recorder songs online

Recorder Songs With Letters

For this we are going to use, Recorder songs with letters and Recorder songs with finger chart.

Look at all these easy recorder songs with letters:
recorder songs for beginners with letters
All of them are simple for beginners. They are ideal because they have few notes, the melodies are well known by everyone and also have the letters to make your learning more intuitive.

Below you will find them sorted by level. Ideally, you should start with the ones that have only three notes in the melody

We think, that the easiest thing is to include in the recorder sheet music the fingering chart and also the name of the note with letter.

This makes it very easy to follow the recorder sheet music.
All the recorder music you will find in this web is, free recorder sheet music.

We take care of making the free scores for recorder so that everyone has the opportunity to start in this musical instrument.
There is a lot of music written for recorder but not all of it includes the recorder songs with letter notes.
With our recorder sheet music it will be very easy for you to learn the songs, we encourage you to start approving them now. Choose your favorite song and begin to play

Easy Recorder Songs

Now look at this Recorder score of the Ode to Joy with Letters:

In this section of recorder songs we will only show recorder songs for beginners.

We’d all like to start playing the titanic song but it’s probably too difficult to start and we’d better start playing basic recorder songs.

For this we are going to base ourselves on the book “Recorder karate Songs“.
This book has a list of ideal beginner recorder songs
All of them are popular songs that we all know and thanks to that they will make learning easier for us.

Recorder Karate Songs

The Recorder Karate book is based on learning the flute through songs in a gradual way.
It makes a parallel with the color of the karate belt and so, as we reach a level is adding complexity to the melodies to play.
Songs in The Recorder karate book are:

  • White belt – Hot Cross Buns – with notes G A B
  • Yellow belt – Gently Sleep – with notes G A B
  • Orange belt – Merrily We Roll Along – with notes  G A B
  • Green belt – It’s Raining – with notes  E G A
  • Purple belt – Old MacDonald Had A Farm – with notes  D E  G A B
  • Blue belt – When The Saints Go Marching In – with notes  G A B high C’ high D’
  • Red belt – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star – with notes  D E F# G A B
  • Brown belt- Amazing Grace – with notes  D E G A B high D’
  • Black belt – Ode To Joy – with notes – D G A B high C’ high D’

As you see one of the best songs to play on the recorder for beginners is “Hot Cross Buns”

It is fantastic to start ! but we have made
Easy recorder songs with finger chart for this list, even better !

B A G Recorder Songs

In this section we are going to show you only easy recorder songs only using b-a-g.

Have you ever called these songs ? “Bag recorder songs”, but there’s no bag ! Hahaha!

Joking aside, There are a few songs that only use b g a notes and are ideal for kids.
These notes are easier to get because they are in an ideal soprano recorder register.
They are simple flute songs but they are also ideal for the beginner.

The student will be able to experience an improvement playing these melodies.
We recommend you to visit our section on how to play the flute if you still have doubts.
Once you have seen this tutorial you will be able to play these funny recorder songs without any problem.

Here we leave you these cool recorder songs:

Recorder Christmas Songs

And here you have all the Christmas recorder songs with letters

What are the best songs to play on the recorder at Christmas?
Christmas carols !
Christmas carols sound great on our recorder because they have been played over the years and that’s why they give it such a Christmas flavor.
Let’s not forget that the soprano recorder is one of the most comfortable and oldest instruments available.
Our prehistoric ancestors already used simple recorders made with animal bones.
Here we will show you the links to all the carols for flute:

Pop Songs on Recorder

Although the flute is a very old and more classical instrument it doesn’t mean that we can’t play modern songs with it.

Therefore, in this section, we are going to show you pop songs for recorder, songs by different artists who are now hitting hard.

Here you will learn pop songs including rock and blues songs, have a look to see if you like any of these songs, we will call it.

Cool songs to play on the recorder !