High A

High A

Now we are going to play the high A with a recorder, for this, we must use only the left hand which will cover the first two holes of our flute and the back hole that is located behind must be covered only a little.

In this way we will get the high A on the recorder and we must bear in mind that we must also be able to make its low octave.

To do this, here you can see how to play the Low A on recorder.

Although it is going to be very simple because simply by completely covering the back hole will get the low note.

Now, take a look at the high A note below and also see how it is written on the stave.

How to play high a on recorder

And as always we are going to leave a few exercises to practice the High A on recorder.

They are essential, remember to blow softly and in a relaxed way to try to get a clean sound.


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