Hot Cross Buns on Recorder

Hot Cross Buns on Recorder

Here we go again with another easy recorder song.
Hot cross buns is a song that we can learn very easily with our recorder.
It only has three notes.

It is an ideal song to get started on the recorder.
Let’s work on the musical notes, B, A, G

In these links you can learn or review them:

How to Play Hot Cross Buns on the Recorder

As always we have prepared a score with letters for recorder.

To play Hot Cross Buns on a recorder we must blow the notes gently.
Any child can play this song perfectly, it’s simple.
The rhythm is basic, we just have to play:

  • Half notes
  • Quarter notes
  • Eight notes

Come on, let’s play.

Pay attention to this Hot Cross Buns sheet music for recorder:

how to play hot cross buns on a recorder

Easy, isn’t it?
As you see it has the lyrics and also the notes with letters for the recorder

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