F on recorder

F on recorder

Do you want to know ..
how to play high f on recorder ?

Well, you’re in the right recorder lesson.

To play F on recorder we must cover with the left hand the first three holes and also the back hole.

With the right hand we cover with the little finger and ring fingers, the corresponding holes. ( 6 and 7 )

Tip: This note is the same as E Sharp on recorder, as they are enharmonic notes, they have different names but sound the same.

Take a careful look at the recorder picture fingerings.

How to play F on Recorder

how to play f note on recorder

See how the Low F on recorder is written on the staff, in the first space.

We also have a high F on the recorder that we will study later but in this picture you can compare them.

In order to be able to blow this note well you will have to do some exercises.

Don’t forget to blow softly and slowly, there’s no hurry, just patience !

Hey ¿ do you got F on Recorder ? Now, you can play the titanic song

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