B Flat on Recorder

B Flat on Recorder

Now it’s your turn to learn the B flat on recorder.

B flat note is enharmonic of A sharp note, that is, they are the same sounds but with a different name.

Therefore, we are going to get them in the same way.

But let’s see how to play b flat on recorder.

As you can see, we have to cover the following holes of our recorder:

  • The first
  • The third
  • The fifth
  • The seventh
  • The back hole


How to play B flat on Recorder

How to play B flat on Recorder

It’s very easy, because with this note we’ll be able to play many songs, specifically in the F major tonality because in this tonality the B note is flat and not natural.

The note B flat on a soprano recorder is written with letters, “Bb”.

Pay special attention to how the note B-flat is written on the stave, in the third line and with a flat in front.

To put it into practice what better than to do it with the recorder song of the Titanic, which has the B-flat in recorder in its melody.


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