Mary Had a Little Lamb on Recorder

Mary Had a Little Lamb on Recorder

Here’s an easy recorder song !

Mary Had a Little Lamb on Recorder !

It’s a nursery rhyme that belongs to American music.

Recorded in the 19th century, it is one of the most popular pieces of its kind, whose characteristic melody is known throughout the world.

This melody is within the recorder songs with notes, B, A, G,  is ideal for the initiation of children.

We have made an arrangement only with easy notes, they are all quarter notes.

Well first of all we remember the notes to use:

B recorderhow to play A on a recorderG on a recorder

That’s right, with just knowing these three notes we can play this easy song on the recorder.

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How to play Mary had a little Lamb on the recorder

We will start with the highest note which is B and then follow with the A and G…but go ahead, you play it !

Now, look this sheet music of Mary had a little lamb recorder notes with letters.

how to play mary had a little lamb on a recorder

Is very easy to play with this recorder finger chart.

As you can see we have put in each note the fingering of the recorder and its lettering.

There is nothing difficult about this song, the only thing you have to do is blow gently and the most important thing is to have heard the song before.

Here you can watch the recorder tutorial video:

Here’s part of the lyrics

Mary had a little lamb,  little lamb, little lamb 

Mary had a little lamb

Its fleece was white as snow

and every where that Mary went, Mary went, Mary went

and every where that Mary went

the lamb was sure to go 


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