Darude Sandstorm Recorder Notes

Darude Sandstorm Recorder Notes

Hello, welcome to a new song on recorder.
Today we are going to learn how to play a modern song, it’s a hit song in the style of dance music.  We are going to learn notes for darude sandstorm recorder.

It will be very easy for you and you will learn a new technique on your recorder.
The advantage of learning this song is that you can master the fast notes, such as sixteenth notes. To do this you will need to pay attention to your tongue when blowing on your recorder.
The notes in this song are as follows:

Note B
Note high E
Note A
Note High D 

⭐️How to play Darude Sandstorm on Recorder

I have divided this song into three main parts.
By studying these three parts you will be able to play most of the song since it is longer but they are small variations with a few notes.
If you play these three parts on your recorder you will be able to get the song by yourself.
The first part is the introduction to the song. It is a good. It’s a good place to start learning the song since you will have to play the same motive that will last throughout the song.
The main rhythmic motive is four sixteenth notes on the same note, in this case the note B

Intro of Darude Sandstorm

how to play darude sandstorm intro recorder

Darude Sandstorm part 1

how to play darude sandstorm part 1

What we call the first part of the song is mostly rhythm.
The note you have to play is all the time the same, as always you should listen to the audio that is before the recorder score.
As you will see this time we only have to play the note B, at the beginning we have to make a stop with a short note, even if you see an eighth note written you have to play it with staccato, this means that you have to cut its value.
An eighth note with staccato is approximately equal to a sixteenth note.
Then you must blow semiquavers with the note B continuously. This is done with the help of your tongue to make the notes fast and short.

Darude Sandstorm part 2

how to play darude sandstorm part 2

Part 2 of the song can be the most fun of all because it really has the most variations of notes. These variations make the melody more interesting because it provides melodic jumps to break the rhythmic monotony of the sixteenth notes.
I’m not going to fool you, you’re going to have a hard time playing this song because of the speed it requires. Don’t forget to always practice much slower than the original tempo of the song and help yourself with the reference audio that I put before the score.

⭐️About Sandstorm Song

“Sandstorm” is a trance instrumental song released by Finnish DJ Darude in 1999. It was released as a single in November 1999 in Finland and gained international popularity from 2000. It was the first release on the label 16 Inch Records, owned by JS16 (Jaakko Salovaara) who also collaborated in the co-production of this single.1 In March 2010, ten years after its release, it was certified gold in the United States for the sale of 500,000 units.2

The music video is directed by Juuso Syrjä.3 It begins by showing a chase by two guards (one male and one female) of a woman with a suitcase in the Senate Square. During the video, Darude’s image appears everywhere the video takes place. In the final frame, the fugitive woman stumbles and falls with her suitcase. Shortly after, one of the pursuers (the woman) betrays the man, knocking him unconscious after kicking him. The video ends with the two women taking the suitcase to a boat in Ruoholahti where the musician awaits them.

Videoclip of the song

Now you can enjoy with the music videoclip. It`s intense and faster!.

Now it’s time for you to leave your comments on this song, how was your recorder lesson, did you manage to play Sandstorm on your recorder, how did you like it? Would you like to learn another recorder song, leave its name in the comments?

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