Jingle Bells on Recorder

Jingle Bells on Recorder

Here we are again, with another Christmas carol…yes!!

The Recorder notes of Jingle Bells, that Christmas song we’ve heard so many times.

Like Silent Night is a great song for Christmas time.

To play jingle bells on recorder we must master the G major scale because on that scale are all the required Jingle Bells notes.

Jingle bells is a song of Anglo-Saxon origin.

Well, without any more trouble we go with this Christmas carol for recorder.

How to play jingle bells on recorder

Pay attention to the jingle bells recorder notes with letters.

As always, we try to make the sheet music as clear as possible.

Pay attention to the sharpest notes.
Remember also how to play the high E, you must cover only the half of the hole of the recorder.

Ready ?

jingle bells recorder sheet musicAnd that’s it, And that’s it, folks!

This is how to play jingle bells on recorder with letters,

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